Thursday, January 16, 2014

Chasing the Moment:
Works from Annapolis Senior High School

January 10-19, 2014

We are well into our exhibition of student artworks from all of the art programs at Annapolis Senior High School and I am deeply touched by the personal side of this exhibition. No bucolic landscapes. No strict bottle/cloth/fruit still lifes. Instead, portraits that confront issues, collages that address personal struggles, and ceramics of function and whimsey.

  Julie Nolker, Antelope Canyon, 2013. Digital photography.
This special exhibition has been possible due to a Special Strategic Impact Grant from   the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County. In September 2014, the Arts Council sought proposals for projects that fell outside the standard mission or budget. The Mitchell Gallery wrote the grant with the mission of providing students a museum exhibition experience of their work. Quality was the goal, and quality is what we got. 

The three-dimensional works in this exhibition are varied--stoneware vases and decorative pieces, as well as an installation made from a wood pallet.

  Joel Balch, Untitled, Acrylic, 2013
Drawings in oil pastel and charcoal include portraits and literary ideas, while the paintings refer to celebrity personalities, abstract ideas, and things close to the heart. Photography is included in the exhibition, and I am impressed with the attention to composition and detail and the fact that most do not have their images digitally altered--a temptation in the photography world.

As always, thanks to our Mitchell Gallery members, admission is free. The gallery is open every day except Mondays, noon to 5 p.m. This exhibition of works from Annapolis Senior High School remains on view through Sunday, January 19 and we hope you will set aside a bit of time to see the works of these talented young artists. 

Lucinda Dukes Edinberg
Art Educator